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 A weird Life. By Natalie. (: Please Read!

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A weird Life. By Natalie. (: Please Read!  Empty
PostSubject: A weird Life. By Natalie. (: Please Read!    A weird Life. By Natalie. (: Please Read!  I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 18, 2012 5:39 pm

Hi! I wrote a story, And i'd liek to share it with you guys! Here is goes! Razz

Chapter 1: School.
I Was currently standing in front of my mirror. I put my makeup on and headed for the bus. I was new to the school and was hoping I'd make some friends. I could hear my mom calling me all the way downstairs. I ran down and shut the door and headed for the bus stop. When i got in, people starting staring at me. I sat down in an empty seat. At the next stop, a really cute boy came in and sat down next to me. "Hey." He said. "Hi!" I said back. "My name is Justin! What's yours" My heart was beating incredibly fast. I said "Avalon. My name is uhh Avalon" Then i smiled.
He was welcoming me to the school. The bus was arriving at the school and we got off. He checked my schedule and said we had everything together. I was blushing like crazy. I really liked him.He was super Sweet, and really nice.
We were now done and out of school for the day. He started walking me home. Then all of a sudden he asked me, "Would you wanna go to Starbucks or something?" "I'd be glad to go!" I said. "Great!" he said. "Well See you at 5:30.'
"Alright" I said. I was Bursting with joy inside and almost could scream!

Chapter 2: The Date
I arrived there wearing just a shirt that was baby blue and said "I'm Awesome!" And a skirt that was black. I added a necklace also. I saw Justin standing at the ordering station. He got me a mocha. How did he even know that was my favorite? Then he started talking about things and we got to know each other better. He told me he really liked me also. I said i did too. Then we went out of Starbucks and into his car. He drove me home and said "Bye!" I went into the house, opened my bedroom door and said to myself, "This Was The BEST Day of my life!!!" I was super happy that day.

Chapter 3: Party And Drama . . . . . .
I arrived at school and met a friend. Her name was Lillian. She said "Hi! I'm Lillian." And You are?" "Hi! My name is Avalon" She said "Nice to meet you!" She said, "I think someone is waving to you," Oh sorry i think he needs me for a second." I went over to Justin and his friends. I felt a little embarressed since i didn't know them at all. He said "Hey you should come to my party tonight! It's Gonna be awesome!" I said, "I'm Really busy tonight, I don't know if i can come." "Well okay. If your not coming it's alright." "Okay Thanks." I said.
I started pacing back and fourth whether to either come to Justin's party, or not. I'll just actually try to come. I picked out a short neon green dress. It had ruffles on it. I added a necklace that was black and sparkly. At parties, i usually like to dress girly. I put on some black heels and got into my car. I drove to his house and so many people were there! I got out of the car, and my palms were sweating and my heart was beating very fast. As i walked into the house, i saw Justin Kissing another girl. He said "Yeah, i'm not really interested in you anymore! Bye!" And EVERYONE was laughing. i couldn't believe he actually turned out to be a cheating jerk. Why did i even fall for him?
I ran out of his house embarressed. I drove home and ran all the way upstairs. I cried and Cried. I didn't know if i had the guts to go to school tomorrow.
Chapter 4: Something Surprising in the mail.
The next day, I decided to stay home and not go to school. I told my mom that i felt really bad inside of my body. And she said. Well ok. I kept thinking that how Justin was playing me was totally messed up. I went out to get the mail and see if there was anything for me. They gave me a free trip to Paris! This made my day. I asked my mom if i could go, then she said "I have to come with you." "No!" I said. "If you want to go, i will have to go with you Avalon." "Fine." I said. We were packing and i packed lots of clothes since it was a week. 4 Hours later . . . . . . . "DONE!" And tomorrow we had to go to the airport and wait for our plane.

Chapter 5: Boring Hours With embarressment.
I went on the plane with my mom. We sat in our seats and it was 3 minutes until the plane went. I hate planes. The plane starting moving and it went into the air. My ears were popped. I hate when that happens >.<! For lunch we had a tuna Fish sandwich and Some Iced Tea. The una Fish sandwich made me have to go number 2. Eww. And, I drank too much that i had to go pee. As i was walking to the bathroom I saw a line with 6 people! And i needed to go REALLY bad! i was waiting in line, and i couldn't hold it anymore! I started to pee in my pants. And i was So embarressed! I walked back and my mom said, "what happened?!" "I had to go really bad but there was like 6 people in the dumb line!" "So i couldn't hold it anymore so it just i just, Peed!" I said. "Oh Dear, Let's get you some new pants from the luggage!" My mom forgot to bring on of MY pants, so i had to wear those old people or lady pants that people in my mom's age had to wear. Could this day get any worse? 4 and a half hours later . . . .. "WERE HERE! FREEEEDDDOMM!" I shouted very loudly as we got of the plane. The passengers started staring at me like crazy. I ran out as quickly as possible. And then we took a taxi to our Hotel. The hotel was amazing! It had some drinks to welcome the guest. I plopped down on the couch and it was hard, not bouncy! I checked out the hotel and is was just great.
Chapter 6: Exploring the Eiffel Tower And Paris.
As we got the key to our room, i wondered and wondered what kind of room we got. I was so expecting just a normal room as usual it's so boring and then, "OMG!!!!" I was amazed. We had one of those Presidental suites! And there were only 2 people! I felt like a queen. "Isn't this great?" My mom said. "Heck yeah it is!" there was a HUGE shower, a living room, coffee maker, Fridgerator, and lots of other things. And our view was just perfect. I told my mom that i was going explore Paris and that I'd be back. She Said, "Alright! Be careful though!" "I know Mom!" I replied. I headed out and shut the door.
Chapter 7: I was Something extremely important to think about.
I Was walking to the elevator down and as i got in there, i saw a couple walk out and it made me remember something. Before i left and moved, Me and this boy named David, Were dating, And i had to let go of him since i moved. I remember that day before i left, his exact words were "Stay. Please Stay With Me. Don't Leave. You'll Find something in the city of love from me." The only part i didn't understand was "You'll Find something in the city of love from me." I just realized the people who were taking the elevator were waiting outside the elevator for me, since I had totally forgot about it. I sat down in the lobby and kept thinking. Then something came to my head! That is why i see so many happy people and couples. Paris is the city of love! He must've left something for me. Did he really mean it like this? Or am i over exaggerating? I just went out to get some fresh air.

Chapter 8: Mysterious Things found.
As i was walking, I saw this something shining in the lake i was passing by. I went up to it to get a closer look at the sparkly thing. Turns out, It was nothing when i put my hand in the water. I needed to get this thing of my head. I had found a place where we could play Laser-Tag. I got loaded up and then someone shot me and the light had flashed, but i fell onto like a barrell. I saw a piece of paper and I just pulled it out. It had said something that had made me in real shock. The letter Said. . . . .

TO BE CONTINUED! Dun dun dun! (And no, The letter did not say to be continued.)
Tune in to see what the important letter said and what made her Avalon So shocked.
Continuing on with Chapter 8:
The Letter has said
Dear Avalon, Remember me? David? Well i just put this in somewhere randomly, and hoping that you would find it. Well, I still have feelings for you. And i hope you have the same for me also. But to meet me again, you must find the following items.
1. A Crystal Diamond Ring
2. 2 Roses in a vase with 2 red dragons on it.
3. A Red Bow tie that says "Love(:" On it.
And finally After you have found all of those things, meet me on the Eiffel Tower In 15 days, At 6:23 PM Percisely. If you don't come on time, i will disappear and you will never see me again. -♥️David♥️.
That shocked me so much. How come if i didn't find the items, he'd disappear. I jus don't understand. My life has been completely weird since i started moving to a new home and etc.
Chapter 9: Someone along the way.
I was in bed. Re-Reading the Letter over and over. I have read it 10 times very carefully. Could this be true? Or is it really false? I kept on questioning in my head. I just tod myself to stop thinking about the letter and figure it out tomorrow morning. Because i needed to get rest.
"Rise And Shine!" My mother said. I was twisting my body around in my bed and stretching my arms! I got up and twisted my back. It popped a lot! I changed into Blue Skinny Jeans And A Shir that said, I love paris. I went down to the breakfast Buffet they had in the hotel. While i was picking my breakfast, a girl walked up on me and her name was Vivian. She Said, "Hey, I'm Vivian!" "You Are?" "Oh, I'm Avalon!" I said then smiled. I said, "Would you like to sit with me?" "I'm just on Vacation Actually." She said, "Cool! And I'd love to sit with you!" We moved to a table and I ordered some Orange Juice.
Chapter 9: Breakfast
I sat down and started telling Vivian my name and then i thought in my head, should i show her the letter that i found about David sending me? Since she is just visting hotels in Paris but lives here. I slowly pulled it out of my pocket, and was about to tell her, but then, i was thinking, what if she is just some random stranger and mmight try to do something bad with it? I decided to show her later and see where this girl would take us. "Mhmm. Breakfast is good here." She said. "Yup, very yummy!" I replied. We finished eating in 20 minutes or so. We walked down the steps of the buffet and Vivian asked me, "Do you wanna go shopping?"
"Oh, I didn't bring much money with me along." I said. "Oh! That's nothing to worry about, i mean like i can pay for everything for you" She said then smiled. "Oh, No. I can't." I Said.
"Course you can and you will! My Treat!" "If you insist." I say. We started walking out the hotel, I pulled out my phone and speed dialed my mom's number. "Hello? Mom you there?" I said. "Yeah sorry, What were you going to say, dear?" "Well uhm, I met this girl named Vivian, and she's going to take me shopping. She's Rich cause she told me during breakfast." I said. "Well You two have fun and be safe, okay?" "Okay." I said.

Chapter 10: Fun In the city and letters.
Me and Vivian had so much fun today! She had got me some really good Ice Cream that tasted Delicious! Since i was spending more than half of my day with her, i told her for me and her to sit by the foutain because i needed to talk to her about something. That something was the letter. " Hey, I wanted to show you something Vivian." I said. "Sure, What is it?" She replied back. "Well when i was playing Lazer-Tag, i like found this under one of the barrell's i was hiding behind. Could you keep this a secret just between us?" I said. "Course." She Said. I read her the letter. Then she was kind of in shock just like me. She said, "I think i may know where we can get those items. Starting with the Crystal Diamond Ring. I know just the one. Let's Go! Vivian took my hand and raced me to this shop. There was lots of fine stuff in this shop. Then Vivian took the letter out of my hand, and went to the person who was at the cash register. "Do you know where we can get this one specific ring?" Vivian had said. "Ah, i have it. And a boy, name . . . . . Oh! David, Yes. He gave me a copy of the letter. And he said he wanted me to give you this. "The Ring! It's Beautiful! That's the one in the picture in the letter!" I shouted to Vivian. "Yes! Yes it is!" Vivian replied. "Now Girls, Be very careful with this ring. Others when see this in sight, they will try as hard to snatch it from you. Just a warning to you girls." The Lady said. "Thank you for the information." I said. "Your welcome." "Now you must go find the other objects! I think you should be on your way!" She said. "Thanks Again" I said.

Chapter 11: Finding another one of the items:
Me and Vivian were roaming through the streets, and it was 3:00 PM. We started to get hungry, so we went to Wal-Mart to get a quick snack. We were walking and then i grabbed some Sour Cream And Onion Chips With some Iced Cold Water. While Vivian Grabbed Barbeque Flavored Chips with Orange juice. As we were walking to the Cashier, i thought i saw something that was on the list, people kept on passing by, so i couldn't see it very well, but then it cleared shortly. I saw a Vase with 2 Red Roses In it, And two red dragons! I said, "Vivian!!! Quick! Look! Into the doors where only employees are allowed!" Vivian was trying to look inside and she gasped and said, "That's the Vase! The Vase!!" We were sitting on a chair and trying to think of a plan how to get the vase, I told Vivian that she could keep a look out, while i tried sneaking in.

Chapter 12: Sneaking in: I saw some of the outfits the employees had to wear at Wal-Mart. So when no one was looking I took one of the outfits. I grabbed it, went the restroom, and changed! I quickly went out and into the Employee's room where they store all the things and stuff. The manager said, "Hannah! Your late!" In my head i was thinking, Hanna? Oh! My nametag..... And i said "Oh, I'm so sorry boss! I promise it won't happen again. I went in there and there were a bunch of staff people in there! How would i ever get the vase and then sneak out? I stood there and tried thinking of something. Then I told everyone that the Manager told them they could have a break, so i can get them out of my way in order to get the vase! And then, they started leaving the room, then i ran to the vase, then snuck out. I went to the restroom and changed back into my normal clothes. I put the vase in my bag, I poured all the water out before i did, though. Then i raced to Vivian And she asked me, "Well, Did you get it, Avalon?" "It's right here." I said. "Okay! Let's get outta here then!"
We raced to the doors and ran out of Wal-Mart.

Chapter 13: Searching for the last item on the list:
"HAHA! I cannot believe we actually got it, Vivian! I thought we would actually get busted, but we didn't!" I said. "Yeah, You did it, Avalon! Now all we have to find is a Bow tie that says "Love(:" On it. We probably have to search through stores the sells bow ties." Vivian Said. I agreed. We went to stores through the town, we were looking for hours, It was getting late when i looked on my watch, It was 6:45! I told Vivian, "Hey, How about you come to the Hotel i am staying at, and like around 10:00 AM, You can pick me up and we start looking again?"
"Sure! That's sounds good!" She said then smiled. "Okay, Well see you tomorrow! Bye!" I said. "Bye, Avalon!" She replied back.
Chapter 14: Surprise Surprise!
I was walking back to the hotel, as i passed many shops, i just couldn't believe i was passing by so many stores and i wanted to go in, but it was getting late. I had binoculars on, so i put them on, and started looking! I couldn't help myself. I was looking through stores, little stores. I passed about 7 stores already. There was no bow tie that said "Love(:" on it. I just gave up for now, and ran back to the hotel. I walked in a smelt fresh baked cookies! They were serving them in the Lobby. I toke 3 or 4 since i was starving! As i was walking in the hotel to the elevators, I spotted something as i walked pass the closed indoor pool. I gasped! I saw the bow tie under the table in the indoor pool, that was closed! I sighed. I had to get in there, i tried opening the doors, but the were locked! I starting bothering the front desk to open the door for hours. But they wouldn't even bother. I gave up. I walked to the room, hoping that it would be there tomorrow, when i got there.

Chapter 15: Finding the bow tie:
I was calling Avalon, at 8:30 AM. She picked up, and she said she was eating breakfast. I told her to come quick, in a bathing suit! She said, "Why In a bathing suit, Avalon?" I said, "Listen, I found the red bow tie! It was under one of the pool tables last night! But anyone could've found it and took it by now, Vivian. So we have to go there quick, they might've dropped it in the pool!" "OMG. I am coming right now right after i change! Let me hang up and walk to my room also! Bye for now! See you like in 15 minutes, Avalon!" "Okay, Bye! Quick, Hurry!" I was already in my bathing suit, i was waiting for Vivian to come to my hotel, which was about 5 minutes away. I saw her open the doors. "Vivian! Come on! Let's go!" I said! She was walking fast to me. We ran to the indoor pool, And i went to the table that had the bow tie under it. No luck. I sighed. "Let's look in the pool!" Vivian Said! "Good Idea" But only to where i can reach, because i don't know how to swim, Vivian. Kind of embarassing." I said. "Oh, Okay." We got into the pool and started looking, good i brought along goggles, just in case. I was going underwater, to go look for them! Then i looked over carefully, i spotted the bow tie! I went up from under the water and said, "VIVIAN! I FOUND THE BOW TIE! QUICK GO GET IT! I shouted. "You found it?!?! Well, Where is it?" She replied back. I pointed over there, by the 6 and a half feet. Vivian swam to it, and she got it! She swam back to me, and i hugged her and started jumping, And said "Thanks soooo soooo much, Vivian!" "Your welcome! Glad to help! We did it!" She said. I was smiling, She was smiling, Then i went underwater to soak my face. Then i saw a piece of paper. I went underwater to get it. "Vivian, Look what i found." I read it. It said:
Dear, Avalon. Great Job! You have found the items. Now come to the Eiffel Tower, The time i told you in the last letter. I cannot wait to see you.
Vivian Said, "I think you should go take a shower, and get ready to meet him again." then she smiled at me. I said, "Vivian, I couldn't have done it without you! Thank you so much!" I hugged her real tight, then grabbed my towel, then left the pool. I went up to my suite to shower, And get my hair done. My mom said, " Why are you getting all fancied up tonight, Avalon?" "Oh, Just for something, Mom." I said. "Well, You have fun with whatever your doing tonight, Sweetie." She said. "Thanks Mom."

Chapter 16: Meeting him again:
I slowly walked to the Eiffel Tower. I was looking for him, Then i found a man stand with a black fancy jacket on. I asked him, do you know what time it is right now? He turned around, And it was David! I missed seeing his face! I leaped in his arms, and hugged him real tight. He said, " I am so glad you could make it." I handed him the items, and now, i could see him way better, and he didn't have scratches all over him, and bites everywhere! I started saying, "David, I missed you a lot. I am glad i found you." Then i smiled. He said the same thing. I saw Vivian, And she winked at me, Then smiled. I smiled back to her.
The end!

Thanks so much for reading, I know its long! sorry about that! I am a big writer! (:
-Natalie. Hope you enjoy!
Addictive, Isn't it? No i'm joking! LOL. Tell me what you think in the posts please! Rate it on a scale from one to ten for me? ;D.
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A weird Life. By Natalie. (: Please Read!  Empty
PostSubject: Re: A weird Life. By Natalie. (: Please Read!    A weird Life. By Natalie. (: Please Read!  I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 18, 2012 10:01 pm

Sorry to double post, But no one bothered to read my story these last 5 hours? xD. Jkay Razz
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PostSubject: Re: A weird Life. By Natalie. (: Please Read!    A weird Life. By Natalie. (: Please Read!  I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 18, 2012 10:51 pm

Wow nice story! Smile I like it!
Out of 1-10 I think it is a 8 out of 10 Smile Good writing.

A weird Life. By Natalie. (: Please Read!  Xpvjzf11
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PostSubject: Re: A weird Life. By Natalie. (: Please Read!    A weird Life. By Natalie. (: Please Read!  I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 18, 2012 11:47 pm

Thank you, Lexi! (:
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PostSubject: Re: A weird Life. By Natalie. (: Please Read!    A weird Life. By Natalie. (: Please Read!  I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 18, 2012 11:55 pm

nice story natalie!

A weird Life. By Natalie. (: Please Read!  Cl40O4F
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A weird Life. By Natalie. (: Please Read!  Empty
PostSubject: Re: A weird Life. By Natalie. (: Please Read!    A weird Life. By Natalie. (: Please Read!  I_icon_minitime

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A weird Life. By Natalie. (: Please Read!
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